You can now send Hangouts messages by saying “OK Google, send a Hangouts message”

ok google hangouts message

Yes, folks, this is finally happening. It is now possible to send a Hangouts message through Google Search’s “OK Google” command on your phone or tablet. Simply say “OK Google, send a Hangouts message,” and a dialog box will popup to let you enter your recipient’s name and the message. This information can be inputted via voice dictation or traditional text entry methods, both of which can, of course, be accessed through your keyboard.

Once everything looks good simply send it off and you will have sent that ever-so-important message without actually having to venture into the Hangouts app. It’s a small change, but one that’s sure to make life easier for those who use Hangouts as their primary form of communication.

The feature seems to require server-side activation so even if you’re on the latest Google Search and Google Hangouts update you might not have access to it just yet. In that case it might simply require a degree of patience. For those lucky enough to already have the feature, go nuts!

[via Reddit]


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