Xur: Agent of the Nine Weapons/Engrams Leaked For Apr 17 By Data Miners: “The Last Word & More”, Dev’s Measures Detailed

Destiny: Xur Agent of the Nine will arrive once again in the tower for Week 32 visit. Destiny Data Miners are finding it difficult to get access to Xur: Agent of the Nine Inventory/Items/Stocks all thanks to measures taken by Bungie. With the arrival of Destiny Patch 1.1.2, it has become impossible for Destiny Data miners “Megaman and AsaTehSpider1” to datamine any future stock or nightfalls.

Destiny: Xur Agent of the Nine

However, “Megaman and AsaTehSpider1” continues to dig deep and managed to get some update on Xur: Agent of the Nine Items for Week 32 (April 17-18). In a thread on Reddit, AsaTehSpider1 stated that he managed to retrieve weapons/engrams for this week (4/17/15), but added that Bungie could change it.

“XUR- Only able to retrieve weapons/engrams for this week (4/17/15), Not sure if this is correct, data is unclear but it looks like he is selling TLW and boot (After HoW?), Arm, or helmet engram. This can all change IB- It was delayed, once again, after the patch, we will be unable to datamine for Lord Saladin. It looks like he will be selling Boots, Arms, OR a helmet. Weapon unknown at this time.” said AsaTehSpider1.

Later in the comment section, a fan asked AsaTehSpider1: Any info on the gear/weapons Salad is selling? and to this he replied: “The data has changed, I can’t tell if the weapons have been changed now, they probably have since I was locked out of datamining it”

Just few hours ago, AsaTehSpider1 created a new thread and update Destiny community with more information of Xur: Agent of the Nine. Here is what he stated:

“I’m seeing some weird data, so far, I’ve gotten the Last word and a Stealth drive from my data. IB NEWS: Bungie seems to have fooled us and will release it next week HoW: Queens wrath will be incorporated into bounties for Mercury social space and the reef social space NIGHTFALL- Still seeing Omnigul and Askor, I’m leaning more on it being Askor with arc.”

Tell us in the comment section below: What are your expectations from Xur: Agent of the Nine for Week 32 visit (Apr 17)?


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