Weekly poll results: The Chrome browser is king of the hill

Other great web browsers for Android exist, but most people seem to love Chrome.

Last week we asked about web browsers. Specifically, which browser everyone was currently using. We were pretty sure the numbers would show that Google Chrome for Android has a pretty high following, but we didn’t quite expect such a landslide.

Poll results

Not only did three-quarters of the votes go to Chrome, but the second place entry — Firefox (which is an amazing browser, too) — didn’t even grab 10-percent of the vote. These are the types of numbers any company (or politician) would love to have, because they can’t be misinterpreted in any way — the majority of folks polled use Chrome. By a pretty huge margin.

It makes sense. Chrome has that Google synchronization magic baked in, and Android is a Google product. Even though Chrome may not be the best when it comes down to things like page rendering or browser “speed” the convenience of having everything from your desktop or tablet synchronized with your phone makes it the clear choice for the majority of us. Bundling it into your operating system by default surely helps, too. (Hello there, E.U.)

I voted the same way. While Chrome may not be the best browser in my opinion — I would give that nod to Firefox — it is the one I use because it does everything well enough and syncs with my Google account. Tell us why you voted the way you did in the comments.

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