This smartphone could fool you into thinking the screen has no bezel

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo may be working on a new device with an almost bezel free touchscreen, should the latest leaked images turn out to be genuine. The photos show a large phone with screen that reaches the edge of the body, much like the Sharp Aquos Crystal released last year.

Oppo Bezelless Screen Leak

The images were published on a Chinese website, where it’s also stated the screen measures 5.5-inches, but nothing else about the phone’s specs are mentioned. We can speculate though, as the company has already pledged to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor in future hardware, and has talked about including innovative cameras to make its new phones standout. However, if the screen looks like this, then we’d pay attention regardless of how cool the camera is.

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Recently, an Oppo patent was discovered showing an unusual way of creating a curved, bezel-free display, but without the massive expense associated with phones like the Galaxy Note Edge. According to the patent, a normal screen is hidden under a specially shaped transparent panel, which projects the image in a clever way, fooling us into thinking there’s no bezel on the phone. This could explain why in one picture, the screen appears curved at the edge, but not in the other.

It’s not certain whether the pictured phone uses this technology, or is even a model planned for production, but it’s certainly very eye-catching. Oppo’s not the only one working on minimizing the bezel on its phones either. Aside from the new Galaxy S6 Edge, LG has shown a display panel with a 0.7mm bezel, and we’re expecting a similarly edge-free phone, perhaps called the Nubia Z9, from ZTE very soon.

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