The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt First Person Mod Now Works Much Better, Reminds You Of Skyrim

Do you remember The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt mod that allows you to have a first person view on its world? Well, it just got way, way better in comparison with the first time it actually showed up, when it had a lot of head-bobbing and stuff.

The Witcher 3 FPS Mod

Modder SkacikPL has improved it a lot based on people’s feedback and lessons learnt, basically removing the head-bobbing feeling that made the mod not so enjoyable to use, despite not managing to make us all deploy it in combat – yes, this mod only works during exploration, while in combat the game returns automatically in third person view.

This is still amazing, though, and it will work especially if you just want to have some beautiful screenshots out of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt world without Geralt of Rivia at the center of the screen, which – in case you don’t get it – is amazing.

We’ll see whether the mod, that still is in a work in progress status, will have some enjoyable improvements in the next few weeks and months, and update you in case it actually do. In the meantime, would you give it a try?


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