The Best Overwatch Cosplay From BlizzCon 2017

Overwatch cosplay had a strong presence this year at Blizzcon as fans dressed up as their favorite characters from Blizzard’s popular shooter. Check out some of the best cosplayers we saw during the weekend!

For more Overwatch cosplay, check out the outfits we saw at Comic-Con 2017 and PAX West 2017.

And in case you missed any of the big Blizzard announcements (like the new Overwatch hero, the next Hearthstone expansion, or the Battle for Azeroth announcement), you can catch up on the biggest Blizzcon news here.

D.Va (White Rabbit Skin) – @sheivayazdani

Reaper (Dracula Skin) – Abellah Cosplay

Doomfist – @kanoscos

McCree (Vigilante Skin) & McCree (Gambler Skin)

Zenyatta (Sanzang Skin) – @browspirit

Widowmaker – @xeverianordskov

Reaper – @the_cosplay_knight

Genji (Young Genji Skin) – @ojennaelise

Ana – @morgana_amari

Torborn – @julia_mousey

Roadhog – @grailcosplay ; Junkrat – @trashmousecosplay

D.Va (Palanquin Skin) – @feifmeow

Zarya – @djswagnasty

Ana (Wasteland Skin) – @snarkiest

Tracer (Ultraviolet Skin) – @vividvivka

Junker Queen – @hanari502

Lucio – @stony_bologna

Genji – @scriptgiant ; McCree – @tsukiyamicosplay

Reaper (Nevermore Skin)

Symmetra (Dragon Skin) – @hanecosplay

Hanzo – @tundabolt

Junkrat (Dr. Junkenstein Skin) –

Doomfist – @rockleyrock

Mercy (Witch Skin) – @badkittycosplay

Junkrat – @helloiamkate

Hanzo (Okami Skin) – @chiisanashimada

D.Va – @courtneydawne_ ; Mercy (Devil Skin) – @danmcwilliamsart

D.Va – @chrisvillain ; D.Va (Officer Skin) –

Junkrat (Firework Skin)


Roadhog (Toa Skin) – @shyaku_cosplay


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