TAG Heuer announcing its next smartwatch on March 14

TAG Heuer is expected to release new Android Wear models in May, but recent rumors have been telling us to expect another announcement before that. We are now finding out this is more than a murmur; the watchmaker has taken it to Twitter to tell us they have something to show this March 14th.

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4 days ago

The teaser comes with an image, giving us a glimpse at what could be the new Android Wear device. There’s no official comment on features or specs, but we have been hearing of a modular design that could allow you to switch the watch head to a mechanical one, for more formal occasions.

It’s all still up in the air, but one thing we can bet on – this thing will be expensive. It is actually expected to cost more than the already pricey TAG Heuer Connected, which goes for a whopping $ 1,500. The company has already proven there is a market for luxury smartwatches, though. They have been doing pretty well with the current iteration. The company only expected to sell 20,000 units, a number they nearly tripled only 14 months after the release.

We are excited to see what TAG Heuer has for us. We also wish we could afford it.

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