Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s Writers Revealed

The writers for Star Wars: Battlefront II have been revealed.

The story has two main scribes: Walt Williams, who wrote the story for the well-received military shooter Spec Ops: The Line, and former IGN video game editor Mitch Dyer.

Game director Mark Thompson told Glixel that both Williams and Dyer are “voracious fans” of Star Wars; each posses an “encyclopedia knowledge of everything that existed” in Star Wars, he said.

Unlike many Star Wars stories, Battlefront II’s is told from the perspective of an Empire soldier. The game picks up after the events of Return of the Jedi, putting you into the boots of Iden Versio.

“Between the original trilogy and the new trilogy, there were stories starting to be published [as fiction], but no ‘visual’ storytelling,” Thompson said about choosing this particular era for Battlefront II. “There wasn’t anything visual or interactive that had been done in that space. That seemed like a good place for us to do something different and break new ground.”

You can read the full interview here at Glixel.

For more on Battlefront II, which was officially announced over the weekend at Star Wars Celebration, check out GameSpot’s roundup of everything we know so far.


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