Star Wars 7 Opens in China, Breaks Records With $33 Million

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened in China today, January 9, and, as its done in a number of other markets, it broke records.

Disney is estimating the sci-fi blockbuster pulled in $ 33 million in the country today (via Deadline). That would be good for a single-day record for any Disney movie ever in China, as well as the highest Saturday opening ever in the market.

By comparison, Universal’s Jurassic World made $ 17.24 million on its opening day in China, which took place on a Wednesday in June.

According to Deadline, Disney rolled out a number of initiatives to promote The Force Awakens in China, while local talent will also star in this year’s Rogue One. From Deadline’s report:

“To raise awareness, Disney played all six titles at June’s Shanghai International Film Festival. The studio then made a deal with Tencent to create an online hub where all the movies were made available, and marched 500 Stormtroopers to the Great Wall for the first trailer debut. It also enlisted young superstar Lu Han as the film’s ambassador. Star Wars attractions were further announced for the Shanghai Disney Resort that opens later this year. What’s more, local stars Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen have been cast in Rogue One which comes out in December.”

Check out the full Deadline story to get all the details on The Force Awakens‘ box office performance.

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