Smite Xbox One/PS4 Patch Details Include a Major Event and a Reworked God

Smite‘s 3.9 update is coming soon to Xbox One and PS4, with newly released patch notes running down everything players can expect.

As with the recent PC version of the patch, Ratatoskr is being reworked. This is not a visual redesign; his abilities are all being changed to varying degrees, and while the general concept of his kit remains the same, the particulars are quite different. Most notably, his Dash ability now stops as soon as he hits an enemy god, and its cooldown is reduced each time an enemy god is hit by his other two basic abilities. That’s a marked change from his existing Dash, which could be used repeatedly as long as it was hitting a different enemy.

3.9’s other major addition is the start of the Viking Invasion event. Paying 900 gems offers access to it, immediately providing you with new skins for Chaac and Kali. You’ll then have a series of quests to complete that unlock additional content, such as a ward, pedestal, loading frame, announcer pack, and more skins. You can see these skins, along with some of the others being added in this patch, in the gallery below.

Elsewhere in the update are new character-specific achievements for Susano, Janus, and Scylla, as well as item and character balance changes. On the item side, Soul Eater’s health threshold has been reduced from 50 percent to 25 percent, ensuring its healing benefits only kick in when you most need them. Mythical Mail’s cost is being dropped from 2850 gold to 2700, and it’ll now offer 40 physical protection, up from 30.


As for characters, Poseidon’s Tidal meter will now be reduced less when casting Tidal Surge or Whirlpool, both of which will also now cost less mana. Fenrir gets a small mana and MP5 boost to make it easier for him to use abilities early in the game, while Cupid’s Ultimate is being adjusted so that it’s less likely to be interrupted. Cabrakan’s Shadow Zone (which reduces damage taken by nearby allies) now also affects him, and both his Seismic Crush and Refraction Shield abilities get a damage buff.

You can see the full patch notes on Smite’s website, and get a preview of some of what will be coming in the following patch in our coverage of the 3.10 PC update.


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