Smite Tactics Closed Beta Key Giveaway!

GameSpot and Hi-Rez Studios are excited to give GameSpot readers the chance to claim one of 5,000 closed beta keys for Smite Tactics on PC, a turn-based strategy game where you’re in control of leading the gods to victory!

This is an instant win and you will receive an email with the code within 24 hours. Smite Tactics beta keys are region-free.

Smite Tactics recently received an update which introduces a ranked mode as well as a revamped tutorial which contains some story elements that fans of the Smite universe will enjoy.

Also introduced is the Chinese pantheon card deck. This deck adds a whole new layer of depth to the turn based strategy game and introduces some unique cards that can synergize extremely well when played correctly.

To redeem a key, simply complete the form below, download the Smite Tactics Closed Beta from the Smite Tactics Website, and enter in your code when prompted on the Smite Tactics Launcher!


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