Robert Downey Jr Stars In A Series Of Creative Shorts To Promote The HTC One M9

It looks like Robert Downey Jr and HTC are at it again, with RDJ starring in an only-slightly-bewildering series of creative short films to promote the release of the One M9.

The short films, made in a collaboration between Robert Downey Jr, Russell Scott, Brian Schaeffer, and HTC, (and “presented” by the One M9 itself) are centered around color as a unifying theme, and are meant to portray a “genre-bending series of adventures” with numerous artistic references and influences ranging – as HTC explains – from Andy Warhol to Charlie Chaplin.

In one short (Purple), RDJ bats a plastic chicken onto a canvas, somehow executing a poultry-themed homage to Warhol’s prints of Marilyn Monroe. In another, Downey and Schaeffer plug a grenade into a light socket.

The shorts also adopt a new tagline for HTC: “One life. Make it count,” while offering various other phrases meant to highlight different facets of HTC’s new baby. You can watch the whole series in the player below, or click through the source link to read more about the project.

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