Powers: “You Are Not It” Review

April 7, 2015

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow…

PSN’s Powers continues to suffer in the wake of the exciting Wolfe two-parter as “You Are Not It” clumsily juggled all the ongoing stories sans sense of urgency or clear direction. Both Walker and Royalle found themselves desperately wanting to talk to Wolfe, though about very different things. And the actual purpose/effects of sway still remain vague as ever, though it was hinted that – perhaps – Wolfe might somehow be able to tap into everyone who’s ever used sway if he managed to get free.

Does this mean once you take sway you’re forever on sway? It never leaves your system? Royalle’s on a crusade to take sway out of people, so does that mean that you only need to take it once for it to become a permanent part of your make-up? I mean, he had to get inside Simons on a DNA-level to rip it out of him.

So many things still need to get clarified about both Wolfe and the drug. And while I understand that our heroes (and Royalle) can be kept in the dark on such matters, it would help if someone knew what was going on. Not everyone can play the guessing game. And unfortunately, at times, it feels like the writers don’t even have a handle on the central plot.


A few big things happened toward the end of the episode – notably someone (probably Krispin) murdered that one female Power who tried to stop Krispin and Calista from tagging the police precinct. Though there was still no follow up to the fudged video that supposedly showed the hero accidentally causing a fatal car accident. We never got to see the video and the whole thing seemed to get dropped.

The other important scene involved Calista, who still bounces back and forth between sides (why was she even with Krispin or entertaining any of his notions to begin with?), taking sway – and not dying. So she does have powers, most likely “Black Swan” related. I mean why spend so much time with her (so. much. time.) if she’s not going to play a huge part in the endgame?

There was a bigger focus than usual on Simons this week. A guy with a nifty, creepy multiplicity power, but not much else going for him in the character department. Except if you count his jealousy over Royalle’s fixation with Calista. Well, Walker and Pilgrim wound up targeting him so that they could, I don’t know, somehow distract Royalle from his notions of meeting with Wolfe. But none of it worked since the precinct’s drainer wound up causing Simons to “cut ties” with one of his doubles, killing it/him.

The best part of the episode involved Retro Girl having a sort of “come to Jesus” chat with Zora, where Zora didn’t exactly come clean about not defeating Wolfe – though she did admit to never wanting to take credit for the win. I don’t know. It’s not like it was a landmark scene, but I like Michelle Forbes. I don’t know where any of this is heading, but if Zora could somehow stumble into becoming a great hero, despite the lie, it’d be a cool, little arc. Maybe Retro will see her as an actual successor. The she’d have a better chance of sitting a park bench in peace. Free to eat her butter pecan.

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