Pokken Gets an Image with their New Trailer.



In a game trailer released in japan today, Nintendo announced the new title “Pokken Tournament” to be released in arcades across japan this summer of 2015. The Focus of this game being much like any other fighting title, two players choose from a roster of Pokemon fighters and duke it out in order to decide who among your group of friends buys drinks (At least if you play with my group of friends.) The only gripe I have with the trailer itself is that it’s really over colourful and flashy and (while this is often how Nintendo’s Japanese commercials go) It seems a bit too over the top for the sort of game I assume it will become.

So, the recent news that the game won’t be released on mass outside japan for the time being as it seems has a few fans in a disgruntled state as the company has already been facing some hard times. Our own Nathan Dack had this to say on the topic, “It’s a little late to be honest, I would have liked a game like this year ago.” He then continues “It’s like the Simpsons movie of the Nintendo franchise”. So what do you think? Is this game too little too late or does it disappoint you that as it seems we won’t get it in the other parts of the wold (except on Wii U)? Do you think the playing it on the Wii U will be as enjoyable knowing there’s an arcade version just out of reach? Let me and the team know in the comments.



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