Overwatch’s New Skins From Blizzard World Update

Overwatch‘s big new cosmetic update has launched on all platforms. That means there’s a ton of new skins and items to get your hands on–and no time limit rushing you to get them all right away. These new cosmetics work differently than those we typically see added as part of an event with a limited-time loot box. This update adds more than 100 new items to the base loot box. In other words, these can all be unlocked at any time by playing, or you can purchase them directly through the Hero Gallery with Credits.

Among the new items are 17 new skins: 12 Legendaries, and five Epics. Some of these were revealed in the lead up to the update’s release, but now we’ve gotten a look at them all–you can check them out in the gallery above, along with all the new sprays. The update also introduces new player icons, emotes, highlight intros, and more, spanning all 26 characters in the game.

Aside from the cosmetic side of things, the new update introduces a new map called Blizzard World. This is an amusement park based on Blizzard’s other, non-Overwatch franchises, such as Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft. It’s a hybrid map where teams fight to push or defend a payload through the park. On a related note, some of the new skins are actually based on characters from other franchises, such as Zarya’s Barbarian outfit based on Diablo III and Widowmaker’s Nova from StarCraft II.

The free cosmetic update is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A new Overwatch hero is currently in testing, though we don’t know how soon it will be released. Blizzard also has plans for a Lunar New Year event and will bring back the Uprising and Anniversary events in the coming months.

Blackhand Doomfist

Black Cat D.Va

Kabuki Hanzo

Caution Junkrat

Capoeira Lúcio

Royal McCree

Ecopoint: Antarctica Mei

Immortal Orisa

Asp Pharah

Hellfire Reaper

Crusader Reinhardt

Butcher Roadhog

Peacock Symmetra

Carbon Fiber Zenyatta

Magni Torbjörn

Nova Widowmaker

Barbarian Zarya