No Man’s Sky Next: 9 Weirdest Discoveries So Far

In a galaxy full of surprises…

With the release of the No Man’s Sky Next update, thousands of players are jumping back into the game to explore its massive procedurally-generated universe. As you’d expect, there are going to be plenty of fun discoveries; players have found oddly colored planets, goofy alien creatures, and an abundance of new elemental resources. But there are those who travel even deeper into the galaxy’s farthest reaches to uncover bizarre stuff quite unlike anything we’ve seen in No Man’s Sky before. The Next update has proven to be a substantial offering that keeps rewarding folks with a wealth of intriguing discoveries and surprises.

Much of what has been found are the weird results of the game’s procedural generation. But there are other discoveries that seem to have been intentionally inserted into the game–parts that had not existed prior to the update. Chief among these additions are what the game calls “Biological Horrors.” From just one look at these hideous creatures, it’s obvious they’re a nod by developer Hello Games to the iconic Xenomorph from the Alien franchise.

Aside from surprising new wildlife, there are even unexpected remnants of the game’s past that you can find, which should prove intriguing enough for both newcomers and returning players to explore. But we won’t spoil too much of what lies ahead, so be sure to click ahead to some of the weirdest discoveries in No Man’s Sky so far.

If you’re curious to know more about all the major changes brought to No Man’s Sky, you can read out in-depth explainer. Also, if you’re a returning player, chances are you’re wondering if you should start a new save or simply continue your old save. Luckily, we’ve compiled a helpful feature to help you answer that very question.

In the meantime, what weird discoveries have you made in No Man’s Sky? How did you find them? Give us the whole story in the comments below!

The Xenomor…err “Biological Horrors”

The Next update introduces a variety of new creatures–some docile, some hostile. But perhaps the most terrifying addition to the mix are what the game refers to as Biological Horrors. As recounted by Twitter user Xalavier Nelson Jr., this creature is basically the Xenomorph from the Alien film franchise, and it’s out to kill. There are even eggs in the game that strongly resemble the iconic ones the Xenomorphs emerge from. If you land on a planet with these creatures roaming about, approach with extreme caution.

Dead Space-Stations

Space stations have been completely redesigned in No Man’s Sky Next to feature completely new layouts. However, a few of the old stations still exist in the galaxy, and they’re seemingly abandoned. You’ll occasionally encounter these vacant space stations in your travels, and what’s great is that their layouts are exactly the same as they were before the Next update. If you ever happen upon one of these stations, be sure to explore it. There’s not much in the way of resources to obtain within, but you’ll be rewarded with one heck of a creepy little jaunt through some moodily lit hallways and chambers.

Donut Island

There’s an abundance of fascinating creatures and landmasses to discover across the myriad planets you chart. Every once in a while, you’ll find an intriguing oddity, but Reddit member Lunitari696 found something more: an island surrounded by endless ocean that straight-up looks like a chocolate-dipped donut. It’s nothing mind blowing, but it sure is one of the weirder discoveries. Plus, it looks delicious. It makes us wonder if there’s a landmass resembling a Simpsons-esque sprinkled donut somewhere else in the galaxy.

A Frigate of Hungry Ghosts

It’s possible to purchase a frigate by closing in on one and calling them on the radio. You can then inspect their stats and see if it’s one you’d like to buy. Some frigates have crews staffed by particular alien species, but according to Reddit user phoisgood495, some are staffed by ghosts. Yes, ghosts. To make matters more interesting, it appears they’re hungry ghosts? If that isn’t an instant purchase, then we don’t know what is.

Drab Planets

The planets in No Man’s Sky have been made to be more diverse visually and geographically. But there are some planets that are a tad different–but still very much striking. We encountered a planet that’s literally devoid of color, almost to the point of being monochromatic. It’s admittedly bizarre; though, we have to wonder what living on a planet such as this would be like. It would probably result in some sort of permanent eye damage. It’s as if the visible color spectrum has been impacted, because even your ship appears monochromatic.

A Giant Honey Pot

If you were all about the chocolate donut island from earlier, then this giant honey pot discovered by Reddit user ezeekiel will most likely tickle your fancy. While we understand this isn’t an actual honey pot, it sure as heck strongly resembles one. It seems like there’s another in the distance as well. We’re sure that if Winnie the Pooh saw this, he’d likely stop everything he’s doing and get on a spaceship to see all these honey pots.

This Flying Tentacle Insect

We’ve managed to meet more than a few odd-looking creatures during our travels. Some have been horrifying (like the aforementioned Biological Horrors) while others have been cuddly and cute. But much like the classic Brachiosaurus scene from Jurassic Park, we’ve also found creatures that humble us and make us feel like only a speck in the game’s expansive universe. One of the most memorable creatures we’ve discovered was this flying tentacle insect creature. It made us cautious when we first saw it; after all, a weird-looking creature like this has to be a threat of some kind, right? Fortunately, it was in no way hostile, instead appearing content floating around without much concern for our presence.

A Spaceship-Stealing Alien

It’s one thing for an alien to try to kill you, but it’s another thing entirely when it legitimately tries to steal your stuff. A tall, slender-limbed alien with horns seemingly grabbed Reddit user Seek87’s spaceship and started running away with it. We hope Seek87 was able to put an end to this alien’s unexpected thievery. After all, no one should have to endure being stranded on a planet without a ship.

The Pink Panther

As you know, the Traveller race’s appearance varies greatly. Some look bug-like or cat-like, but others appear amphibious or entirely alien. Twitter user kimisaru happened upon a more cat-like Traveller who strongly resembles the iconic Pink Panther. Was this intentional or simply a goofy coincidence on part of the procedural-generation? Who knows! All that matters is now the Pink Panther theme song is most likely playing in your head.

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