New Fallout 4 Gameplay Detail Discovered: Radiations Also Coming From Enemies’ Attack

Radiation level will affect your health in Fallout 4, according to a series of tips coming from the game’s sub-Reddit. As you can see from the image below, took from the E3 2015 gameplay video, when a Mole Rat bites you it will give you a +2 rads.

Fallout 4

With the Synth Striders it works basically the same: when one of them provides you damage, your health bar will display a red piece representing radiations. So, if you want to have your health bar always at its maximum level, Stimpaks are not the only thing you will need to carry over your journey at the Wastelands. Or, at least, when using them you will have to know they won’t bring your health beyond that limit.

One last thing you should notice is Mole Rats and Synth Striders are low level enemies: you can only guess what could it happen in case you meet something or someone even stronger on your way… without talking about rads coming from rain and storms.

fallout-4-radiation-screenshot-1.png fallout-4-radiation-screenshot-2.png



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