Mortal Kombat X On PS4 Has Day One Patch, Size Almost 2GB, Changelog Leaked, Story Mode Just “4 Hours” Long

Mortal Kombat X is just few days away from its official launch (it arrives on retail shelves in North America on April 14), and some interesting new updates has made its way on to internet via trusted anonymous sources. Mortal Kombat X on PlayStation 4 will have Day One Patch, size is whooping 2GB (almost).

Mortal Kombat X

This Day One Patch will update Mortal Kombat X to v1.01, and as per the details listed on official changelog, it will improve online stability and multiplayer invite options in the game and many more things. You can check out the snapshot of the Mortal Kombat X Patch 1.01 changelog below.

Mortal Kombat X Day One Patch

Furthermore, according to reports coming out from our friend at God Is Geek, Mortal Kombat X story mode is just “4 Hours” long. As these details appears via anonymous source Mortal Kombat fans should take it with grain of salt and wait for official confirmation from NetherRealm Studios Boss Ed Boon.


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