More Games Added To Humble’s Excellent New Charitable Bundle

Humble Bundle recently launched what’s arguably its best bundle ever, offering dozens of games and books for a flat fee of $ 30 that goes to charity. Today, the Humble Freedom Bundle expanded ever further with a total of 16 additions.

For that same $ 30, you get almost everything from before (more on that in a moment), as well as games like Chroma Squad, Beat Hazard Ultra, Grav, JumpJet Rex, and Guns of Icarus Online. If you’ve already purchased the bundle, you’ll find keys for all of these new titles in your library now.

Chroma Squad
Chroma Squad

Those who haven’t yet bought the bundle will apparently miss out on a few things. As of this writing, Subnautica is listed as having sold out. Similarly, Humble has run out of Steam codes for Super Meat Boy, although a DRM-free version is still being offered.

Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail noted on Twitter yesterday that the demand for keys had been strong.

“Holy crap, I sent @humble 100K Nuclear Throne keys for the Freedom Bundle–now I’m rushing to send new ones because they sold 98K bundles,” he wrote.

That figure has since eclipsed the 130,000 mark, which is a remarkable achievement given that it’s only been on sale for just over two days now. The bundle will remain on sale until next week.

This bundle has been noteworthy not just because of its size, but also because 100 percent of the proceeds are being sent to charity in response to the United States’ recent travel ban. With Humble matching the first $ 300,000 in sales, $ 4.5 million has already been raised through the bundle.


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