Metal Gear Survive Guide: What You Need To Know To Know Make It Through The PS4 And Xbox One Beta

The beta for Metal Gear Survive is live until the end of January 22 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It gives a hearty glimpse of what to expect from the game’s multiplayer mode when the full game releases on February 20. If you’re a fan of Horde-style area defend modes, Fortnite, or the Metal Gear franchise, this is worth a look, especially since this beta is free. Yet, even with all the tutorial pop-ups and tips in the loading screens, there is a great deal of mystery on how Metal Gear Survive works, not to mention how to make the most of your time and the resources you’re incentivized to gather. This video, hosted by GameSpot’s Aaron Sampson, is a primer on how to outlast the zombie masses during your first few sessions.

As we previously reported, Metal Gear Survive’s single player story is intended to take about 20 hours to complete, which means that Konami is counting on the game’s long term appeal in its online mode. Along with its daily events and variety of difficulty settings, the breadth of gameplay mechanics—some of which is still vague—will generate a lot of discussion and note-sharing among fans on forums and social media.

Check out the articles below on our recent coverage of Metal Gear Survive, including our single player impressions from a three-hour session:


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