Leaked Concept Arts Reveal First Destiny 2 Details

Destiny 2 concept arts might have been leaked through artist Aziz Dosmetov’s page on Behance. Apparently, those images are taken from a trailer which is supposedly revealing the game’s existence, and show a few details linked to the much anticipated sequel.

Destiny 2

The new concept arts include swords and shields, whose role will seemingly have a boost in importance in comparison with the original Destiny, and all the classes we already know together with the Traveller and possibly a mysterious creature representing a boss a la Crota.

We’ve been already informed by publisher Activision that “the majority” of Bungie is currently working on Destiny 2, and the number “2” appearing in those images seems to somehow confirm the works are coming together. We’ll see if the Seattle  developer will provide any confirmation or debunk the rumors at Gamescom.

artwork-1.jpg artwork-2.jpg artwork-3.jpg artwork-4.jpg artwork-5.jpg artwork-6.jpg artwork-7.jpg artwork-8.jpg artwork-9.jpg


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