League of Legends World Championships Hosts All Korean Final

Despite having the home crowd on their side in Brussels, the remaining two European teams were knocked out by Korean powerhouses in the semifinal stage at the League of Legends World Championships.


Origen and Fnatic were swept 0-3 in a Best of 5 against SKT and KOO Tigers, respectively.

The trend of Korean dominance has continued despite the exodus of talent that took place earlier this year. A number of players, including previous World Championship winners, Samsung White, left the the region in order to play in China for higher salaries.

“If a company doesn’t give the players what they want, then it’s just a fact the player’s going to go somewhere else. That’s how the world works.” – Choi “Dandy” In-kyu, 2014 World Champion

Yet, despite the migration of talent and star power, Korea has managed to secure both seeds in the final. SKT, the winner of the 2013 World Championships, look forward to defending their title against the KOO Tigers, a team that’s still looking to prove themselves after their a disastrous international showing at IEM Katowice.

The all Korean final will take place on Saturday, October 31 – 8:00am EST. You can watch the broadcast on Riot’s twitch channel.