Kingdom Come: Deliverance Graphics Sure Can Look Bad

Kingdom Come: Deliverance looks pretty great. The game is a beautifully harsh recreation of life in the medieval ages. In this first-person RPG, you play as a peasant trying to stay alive in 1400s Bohemia amid a brutal civil war, and the experience can be punishing at times thanks to a steep learning curve. Rob and Joey have decided to take a dive back into Kingdom Come to dial the game’s graphics back to an equally punishing level.

In this episode of Potato Mode, the guys slowly take the game’s graphics from historical recreation to hysterical wreck. Want to see the intricate textures, environments, and even the eyes of your favorite characters melt away? Then be sure to watch the video above. And while you’re at it, play some dice on the lowest graphics settings and watch your table and chair disappear right before your eyes.

In GameSpot’s Kingdom Come review, the game praised for being a “rare, memorable” experience with lifelike quests, strong storytelling, and voice-acting and visuals that immerse you in the setting. Of course, once you pare back the most essential of graphics layers, it’s also ridiculous. Enjoy, and then watch the last Potato Mode when Rob and Joey dialed back the graphics on Grand Theft Auto V with equally obscene results.