How to Improve team, Select Party, Battle Better and more in Age of Ishtaria, Tips and Tricks Guide

The new role playing game for the Android and iOS platforms. It is a combination of creative combat and battle techniques. The player will face massive attacks and can give damage to your opponent. For guaranteed win read tips and tricks in this post.

Age of Ishtaria

Improve team
You can improve your attacking team by many ways. Important way is by powering up the cards in your attacking party. Pay Gimmel and let your sacrifice cards power up your gain card. You can pick any one card as the gain card and then pick other cards as sacrifice cards. Sacrifice the common cards fom your party so that you can power up the rare cards.

Evolving Card 
Evolving the card is one of the way to guarantee your win. Take two card of same kind and combine them to get a rear card of that kind. It is better to enhance the cards before evolving them. This will give them high level stats. To shoot up the stat level above limit i.e. to take it to 1000 loyalty player can Limit break the card. Limit breaking will allow the player to spend the spirit gems that are required for increasing card stats.

Selecting the Party
There is the option of automatic party selector in the game but it will not get you a stronger party as it must be. Selecting the party yourself is a better option. Select proper attack and defence combinations. The team will become stronger when it will have a balanced combinations of all the moves.  

Battling Moves
There is a chance that auto party selection system may create hindrances in your play. If you ever go out of support or multi attacks make a new party and get combination of at least one of each battling moves. You can have Crumple as it decreases the weight of the opponent. It will be easy to beat the opponent. You can also use Multi Combos.

Timed Quests
Participate and win the events as many times as you can. You may also play the raid boss fights. This quests are time based. You may also win some rear items from this small quests. You can win rare summons of silver and gold and also the Ishtarian. 


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