How to get Global Assault More Coins, Better Battles, Resources, Research and more, Tips Guide

Kongregate has come up with new brand game Global Assault. This role playing game is available on Android and iOS platforms. The battling strategies in this game are quiet different from all other games from Kongregate. The player has to beat out rogue military organization all over the world with the Havoc team. Read further for the tips and tricks for playing Global Assault. 

Global Assault

Research an important tool
Research is most important for improving your fighting skills. Fighting fortunes can be changed with research that takes lot of time. To speed up this process you will have to spend more Volt Coins. But you can save the Volt Coins by setting the time ahead in your phone or tablet. Then go back to the game and collect your completed your research.

Time Lapse Trick
When you finish collecting the research go back to the date and time settings and reset the time to normal. Go to the game again and there will still be some research that you can collect. This trick helps in recovering damage done to the ship and also speed up the fusion projects in the armoury.

Volt Coins
The premium currency of the game are known as Volt Coins. They can buy you the rare or even super rare fighters and the armoury. Save the Volt Coins for getting this rare items. Try do not spend them on the speeding up. The time lapse is the good trick for that. For the supply drops save the coins.

Resources and Silver Coins
The game has resources that are silver coins do not spend them on the ordinary supply drops. You must use this silver coins for upgrading your battle team. The upgrade are used in Armoury. The Armoury can be clubbed to make more rarer troops having better battling styles. The statistics will also rise to top.

Battling Strategy
The Global Assault has an Auto Battle mode. It is good against some enemies. But it is not useful against the more tougher enemies. The auto battle can put your troops in the very bad positions. Send your troops in the same rows like your opponent team. Block the opponent troops by using defensive specialists. And set the strong defence also put offensive specialists in the blank rows of the troops of enemy.


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