How to complete Trivia Crack Achievements, Get Extra Coins, Power Ups and more, Tips and Tricks Guide

Trivia Crack is topping the charts on the App Store and Google Play these days. You have to answer from six different categories in the game. You can send the gifts to your friends and also compete with them. You have to unlock different characters by answering th e questions. Here are the tips and tricks to play the Trivia Crack.

Trivia Crack

Sending lives and spins
The very important feature of this game is you can play with your Facebook friends. You can send get lives as you run out of lives. If you do not have any friends on Facebook playing this game 
create a game only account on Facebook. You can now add new friends to your group for playing the game. Now you can send and get lives.

Add me requests
There are add free request coming up for playing Trivia Crack on PlayStore and App Store. Send spins and lives back and forth. Earn advantage by re spinning for the crown. 

Question Factory
There is a Question Factory where you can find questions by other fans and you can also post your own questions. The questions may get approved or also disapproved. Player must vote  for the questions. Learn the correct answers and use them without any loss in your record.

Achievements and Coins
Achievements are also found in the menu. Complete an achievement and earn more coins. This is the bonus for the player. More you earn the coins you’ll get power ups. Also earn more coins and spins if you have coupon code.

Power Ups
Power ups must be used properly and sparingly. The bomb deletes two wrong answers. The extra time power up is giving you extra time. Double chance is also one of the power up which gives you the second chance if your answer is wrong. Skip will allow you to change the question.


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