Harmonix Is Taking Your Rock Band 4 Song Requests


Rock ‘n’ roll ain’t no riddle, man.

Harmonix wants to know the songs you want to play most in Rock Band 4, and the studio has set up a simple request page to let us nominate them.

By entering the artist and song name here Harmonix will be able to track and count the number of requests for any given track suggestion.

The studio notes that the request system is by no means a guarantee that a song will make it into the game but assures us the team “will read every request to get a better understanding of what the community most wants to see in Rock Band!”

Earlier this month Harmonix announced Rock Band 4 will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this year. New instrument peripherals will be available but Harmonix is working to ensure the previous generation’s instruments are still supported. The song library you’ve built during previous iterations of Rock Band will also follow you to Rock Band 4 and there will be no import fee to do so.

“The budget that we’ve allocated for the title supports a top-tier soundtrack,” Harmonix Chief Creative Officer Alex Rigopulos told IGN, noting that the song-selection strategy for Rock Band 4 is “one aspect of the experience that we’re not aiming to change.”

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