Final Fantasy 14’s Big Upcoming Update Gets Full Patch Notes

Another big update is on the way for Final Fantasy XIV, this one adding a pretty wide array of new content.

Square Enix today released patch notes for update 3.4. These are described as preliminary notes, so they’re still subject to change before the patch arrives on September 27, but they do provide a solid look at what to expect.

In terms of playable content, there are new quests for the main storyline, Chronicles of a New Era, and side stories; new dungeons (Xelphatol and a hard version of The Great Gubal Library); the last part of the new raid (Alexander: The Creator, featured prominently in the video above); and a Battlehall at the Gold Saucer where you can challenge other players to Triple Triad.

You’ll also now find apartments in all three residential districts, with their interior, flooring, and lighting all customizable like those found in estate halls. There are also new furnishings and aquariums, which can be customized with different types of water and accessories.

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Changes have also been made to Palace of the Dead and the game’s battle system, the most significant of which affect Astrologians. There are also new hairstyles and emotes, some of which (such as doze and pray) can be used in new places. For instance, you can pray while on a mount or sleep on beds located at inns or Costa del Sol.

You can check out the full patch notes on Final Fantasy XIV’s official website. Keep in mind that many of the new additions and changes require you to own the Heavensward expansion–that includes the new raid and dungeon, but not apartments or aquariums.


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