Fan Starts Petition To Release Bloodborne On PC, says “Dev Betrayed PC Gamers After Releasing Two Souls Games On PC”

From Software’s PlayStation 4 exclusive game Bloodborne arrived today in North America. The game is published by Sony, so there is around “0.01%” chance that it will launch on other platform (PC). Few months ago, a user named “A Big Guy For You”, created a petition to release “Bloodborne for PC” and claimed that From Software has “betrayed” PC gamers after releasing their last two games on PC.

Today, this petition surpassed its initial target of 13K Signatures, and is just few signatures short of its new goal of “15,000” signatures. Its pretty obvious that this petition won’t have any impact on From Software’s decision to keep Bloodborne a PlayStation 4 exclusive because this decision lies with Sony, the publisher of the game.

Now coming to the “Betrayed” term used in the petition, PC gamers should take into consideration the entire scenario because of which Bloodborne became PlayStation 4 exclusive. Non-independent developers needs support of publishers, and this is were “Exclusivity Deal” comes in to picture. The perfect example to defend the decision of From Software/Sony exclusivity deal could be “Platinum Games/Nintendo” Wii U exclusivity deal for Bayonetta 2.

When asked about the deal, Platinum Games clarified that no publishers were initially interested for Bayonetta 2, and it was Nintendo who trusted, supported them and without the help of Nintendo Bayonetta 2 release won’t have been possible.

So, the reasoning of Bloodborne Petition creator that “Everyone should be able to play your game. It is not fair that we are left out. You have betrayed us after releasing your last two games on PC”, do you guys agree with it? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.


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