Fallout 76 Beta: Here’s Everything You Can Buy In The Atomic Shop

Fallout 76 Gets Some New Customization Options

You can’t spend money on the Fallout 76 beta yet, but its premium currency shop is open.

The Fallout 76 beta is now open to players on PlayStation 4 and PC, in addition to those who were previously playing on Xbox One. With the latest beta session comes a new addition to the game: the Atomic Shop, Fallout 76’s premium currency store. In it, you can purchase new threads for your Wastelander, emotes to communicate with other players, different skins for your Pip-Boy, and a lot more.

Players in the beta right now should have some Atoms in their stock to try on the shop. There’s a lot to choose from: You can snag clothes for your Wastelander, unlock tattoos, change the skin of your Pip-Boy, and even add emotes to your bag of communication tricks, or poses to Photo Mode. There also are extra skins you can buy for your CAMP structures, to make your wasteland home look a little less wasted.

The 500 or so Atoms we started with (and which should come with pre-orders of Fallout 76) won’t get you far on the store, though. You can’t currently buy Atoms, the premium currency of Fallout 76, so it’s not clear how much any of the stuff in the shop will cost in real money. The idea of tattooing an eagle across your Vault-Dweller’s face is pretty tempting, regardless.

Here’s everything that’s currently available for purchase in the Atomic Shop in Fallout 76, along with the prices in Atoms they sport.

Featured Shop

For checking out the beta, players have access to a couple of specific items for purchase.

Vault 76 Hat

That’s a pretty slick hat.

Beta Photo Frame

The future is now!

The Apparel Section

Decked out with new duds.


Nice jam-jams.

Red Rocket Suit

Time to go to work.

Fisherman’s Overalls

Show the fish you mean business.

Shirt And Slacks Outfit

Dad of the Wasteland.

Sun Hat

Really, you’re probably spending too much time in the sun.

Skin Shop

In case your wrist-mounted personal computer needs an upgrade.

Blue Pip-Boy Skin

Get all your gear on the same color scheme.


Upgrade your Wasteland lifestyle with some interior decorating.

Nuka Cola Stash Box

For the serious Nuka collector.

Starburst Flooring

For when you want your floors to say something other than “I never clean in here”

Country Door

Be the envy of all the other Wasteland houses on your patch of irradiated dirt.

Potted Plants

Liven the place up a bit.

Clean Water Purifier

Dirty machines don’t really instill a lot of confidence.

Clean Generator

Good as new.

Styles Shop

Get some weird stuff on your face in the Styles section.

Gridiron Face Paint

Put your game face on.

Throat Stitch Face Paint

For when you want to be scary.

Anchor Tattoo

Anchors aweigh!

Eagle Tattoo

Rock, flag, and eagle.

Photomode Shop

All the things you need to make the Wasteland more photogenic.

Heroic Pose

Save the Wasteland, or something.

Heart Pose

Posing for the camera.

Mountain Photo Frame

Add some character to your selfies.

Thirst Emote

Nobody can survive the Wasteland alone. Probably.

Hungry Emote

Need food badly!

Icons Shop

There is a huge amount of icons to purchase.

More Icons

Icons for days.

Still More Icons

Characters, items, and even clothes are represented in icons.

Yet More Icons

A few of these get a little weird.


Finally, the end of the icons.

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