Every Ori and the Blind Forest Easter Egg Fans Have Found So Far

Whether it’s an in-joke between friends on the development team or a nod to a developers’ favorite games, most games have some kind of easter egg, and Ori and the Blind Forest is no exception.

As a challenging action-platformer with plenty of backtracking and exploring, Ori’s design has some obvious influences like Metroid and Castlevania. But dedicated fans have managed to track down easy-to-miss references to games like Super Mario Bros., Super Meat Boy, and The Legend of Zelda, as well as the infamous, non-game-related Wilhelm scream.

In the video above, posted by YouTube user Captain Eggcellent, you can see a quick rundown of four easter eggs fans have found so far:

  • The Super Meat Boy character
  • A pipe from Super Mario
  • The Wilhelm Scream
  • The Triforce from The Legend of Zelda

We provided some screencaps of the easter eggs below, but have you found any that Captain Eggcellent missed? Let us know in the comments below!


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