E3 2017: Just Dance 2018 On Nintendo Switch Will Support 6 Players At A Time

It seems like every Ubisoft E3 press conference has to have a section of dancing and singing to announce Just Dance, and E3 2017 is no exception. At its press conference today, Ubisoft revealed Just Dance 2018 with a short trailer and a lot of dancing. It also announced that the game will have a couple of unique features on Nintendo Switch.

You can see the trailer above. It adds a whole bunch of new songs from popular pop singers like Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, and Jamiroquai. It also features the return of the streaming service Just Dance Unlimited.

On Switch, the game will support six players at the same time using Joy-Cons, according to the Ubisoft Blog. It’ll also let players create “Double Rumble choreographies” using the controllers’ HD Rumble. What that means, exactly, is still unknown.

The game launches on October 24 to Switch in addition to PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

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