Dev: Mass Effect 4 “Looking Amazing, Character Details Is Insane, Great Progress On Secret IP Complicated Design Issues”

The next installment in Mass Effect franchise (tentative title Mass Effect 4) is already in development at Bioware for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The development work on Mass Effect 4 is in full swing and making smooth progress as per the new update provided (via Twitter) by our friend at Bioware.

Mass Effect 4

Chris Wynn, Senior Development Director for Mass Effect franchise, has announced that the amount of details on characters in Mass Effect 4 is “Insane”. He further added that the development team are having a good time Frostbite engine.

When asked: “Frostbite’s treating the team well I imagine?” Chris Wynn replied: “Frostbite is doing just fine, just fine indeed.” He further said:

“Busy showing and telling the latest Mass Effect progress to the team. The amount of detail on the characters is insane.”

Another Bioware executive “Preston Watamaniuk” added: “#MassEffect next is looking amazing!  Very exciting.”

In addition to this, other Bioware devs provided an update on “Secret IP” that is in development at Bioware alongside Mass Effect 4. Preston revealed that “@Graboonie I am on something secret.  @tibermoon, @macwalterslives and team are bringing you the next #MassEffect”

He further provided update on development status of Secret IP:

“This last week yielded some great progress on some complicated design issues.  Very exciting.”

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