Detroit: Become Human PS4 Demo Coming Very Soon

God of War has only just launched, but Sony’s next PS4 exclusive is already on the horizon. Detroit: Become Human’s release date is a month away, and soon you’ll be able to give the game a try for free.

A demo of the game is live now in some territories–Australia and New Zealand, at least–with Europe and the Americas to follow on Tuesday, April 24. The demo contains the first scene of the game, Hostage, which stars android detective Connor.

Additionally, Amazon Echo users in the US can ask Alexa about things happening on screen while playing the demo. Simply start your enquiry with, “Alexa, ask Cyberlife…” to learn more about Become Human’s world. For example, you can ask about the game’s characters or hear about alternate endings from Hostage.

The game itself comes out on May 25 and tells the story of a group of androids coming to terms with their newfound sentience. You control three separate characters and can guide them in their journey by making decisions along the way, in a similar way to some of Quantic Dream’s previous games. For more, check out some Detroit: Become Human gameplay or read our interview with director David Cage.


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