Destiny Players Celebrate Halloween With a Michael Jackson Dance Number

Destiny‘s Halloween event, Festival of the Lost, is currently underway, letting players celebrate the holiday with new quests, items, and more. A group of players known as Husky Raid have taken a different approach to celebrating, albeit one that uses Festival of the Lost masks and items.

As featured in the video below, entitled Saw Something Weird on the Moon, a player approaches the entrance to the Crota’s End raid on the Moon. After entering, they’re treated to a elaborately choreographed dance number featuring various Michael Jackson songs, including “Thriller.”

This is accompanied by various Festival of the Lost items, explosions, and player abilities to create an impressive display. This ends with all of them dying, which somehow feels appropriate for shenanigans happening in a raid.

Those who took part in the routine are Boisterousbiddy, MegaMagwitch, G1vmee uh han, Acetonicetryle, Ballistikitty, CelestialPoodle, Voidjedi appel, and SuperStartop. You can see more of Husky Raid’s creations on their YouTube channel–you might recall their Backstreet Boys video from last October.

Festival of the Lost began yesterday and runs until early November. Alongside the more obvious features you’ll encounter when logging in, there are also some noteworthy secrets to find.


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