Destiny 2’s Launch May Bring Server Queue Waits, Bungie Warns

While we can all keep our fingers crossed for a smooth launch, Destiny 2‘s release is likely to be huge. As such, the influx of players may bring with it something that MMO players are used to seeing at new game or expansion launches: server queues.

With Destiny 2’s servers online and more countries getting in, Bungie has warned that players may not be able to immediately access the game. In order to “regulate player population to provide stable conditions for Destiny gameplay,” server queues can pop up in Destiny 2 just as they could in the previous game. In other words, you may have to wait in line before you can play.

A page on Bungie’s website notes that these queues are separate from the original Destiny, so don’t blame your friend still playing that game if you get stuck in line. Bungie also points out several things you’ll want to be aware of–namely, that you shouldn’t back out of a queue in an attempt to speed things up, because you’ll then start at the back of the line. Here’s what Bungie says:

  • If a player loses connection or is removed from the queue, their placement will not be retained
  • If a player reaches the front of this queue and is unable to connect to Destiny servers, they will have to re-enter the queue to try again
  • Queue times may vary, depending on server traffic and concurrent population

As noted above, Destiny 2’s servers are already online worldwide. However, most of the world is still waiting for the official launch on September 6 to be able to play; as such, only places like Australia, New Zealand, and Japan are able to get online at the moment. That is, unless you secured an early physical copy, in which case you can play no matter where you live.

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