Destiny 2 Guide: How To Get A Sparrow

If you played Destiny 1, you’ll probably have very fond memories of riding your Sparrow hoverbike around planets, doing sweet jumps and running over space aliens. If you’re playing Destiny 2, you’ll probably also have a giant hoverbike-shaped hole in your heart after the first few hours. [NOTE: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS]

Well surprise! Sparrows in Destiny 2 cannot be unlocked until you complete the main campaign or are Level 20.

Once you complete the campaign, pay a visit to Amanda Holliday in the game’s second social hub. She’ll gift you a free Sparrow for all your efforts saving the world, or whatever it is that you did. Congratulations! You now can purchase additional Sparrows from Amanda Holliday at this same location.

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If you’re Level 20, you’ll unlock the probability of receiving one in a Bright Engram whether you’ve completed the campaign or not. Just cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Once you have a Sparrow, you can hoon around with your Fireteam while exploring planets and use its boost to make sick jumps and zip to Public Events even faster. You can give your Sparrow custom colors with shaders, and perform hand signals and tricks with the D-Pad depending on whether your Sparrow is on or off the ground.

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But until you reach that moment, enjoy the slower pace of walking around planets on foot. You can still hijack enemy vehicles like Fallen Pikes and Cabal Interceptors, which are nice when you can get them, but we recommend soaking up the scenery, smelling the roses, and punching those space aliens.

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