Cricket Wireless offering new phone payment plans in wake of the Galaxy S6


Cricket Wireless announced earlier today that it launched new phone payment plans. The plans are “designed to help customers get the latest, premium devices.” Devices include the new Galaxy S6 and it’s designed to do so without breaking the bank. The prepaid carrier boasts that it’s the first to offer three credit financing options without an annual contract.

Qualified buyers can walk into any Cricket location and walk out with the phone of their dreams for as little as $ 20 down plus fees and taxes. Here are the plans:


  • Tier I:  Finance your device for 24 months with no interest for a $ 19.99 down payment. 
  • Tier II: The second tier has the same downpayment of $ 19.99 but has six months deferred interest and 29.99 percent APR for the next 18 months after. If you pay it off in six months, you accrue no interest. If it’s not paid off, you are charged the 29.99 percent interest from the point of sale. So interest on the full amount is applied to your bill.
  • Tier III: The “rent-to-own” option is basically a 90-days same as cash plan. You pay $ 49.99 upfront then pay the value of the phone over the course of 90 days without interest charges.

For tier I and II options, you’ll be subject to approval through a standard credit check with the added caveat of adding taxes and accessory charges into the loan. Tier III doesn’t require a credit check but a third party just might be used to verify financial information.

These plans apply to phones valued at $ 199.99 or more like the S6 and ZTE Grand X Max+ devices. Cricket will allow up to five devices to be financed per account. You can add accessories to your plan at any time after the purchase of a qualifying device.

But what, there’s more! Cricket is giving customers a chance to switch from T-Mobile, Metro-PCS, Sprint and Boost, among others and enticing them to do so with a month of service free. The only catch is you must complete two months of service to do so.

So if that seems like something that tickles your fancy, visit a Cricket store near you to snag the new S6 at a finance plan you can stomach.

source: Cricket

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