Create your own Sense 7 themes for the HTC One M9 using their handy web tool

HTC Themes landing

If you’ve got a little time to kill this weekend, why not create a theme for the now available HTC One M9? HTC recently launched a handy web tool which allows anyone — both novices and pros alike — to build their own Sense 7 theme. The site is pretty intuitive and easy to use, while at the same time providing enough customizable UI elements that you can take it as far as you’d like.

HTC Themes 2

You can pick different wallpapers (or your own) for placement on several HTC apps: home screen, lock screen, app drawer, Dot View app, or messaging apps — then tweak all the colors and icons to your liking. From there, you can even change up the sounds and font, then save everything to your account and post online for other Sense 7 users to download. Veteran themers can try out HTC Themes’ Maker Pro section to really get in depth.

According the landing page, HTC Themes will soon have its own app for theme creation on the go, although it’s currently linking to the BlinkFeed app on Google Play. In either case, HTC Themes is something to check out while you debate picking up an HTC One M9.

[HTC Themes]


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