Bloodborne PS4 Chalice Dungeons Beginners Guide and Boss Details

How to start with Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons
• Firstly you will have to defeatPlaystation 4 Blood-starved Beast in the main campaign and get Pthumeru Chalice from this boss.
• In the hunters dream got to the Bath Messengers and get the items you need to perform the Chalice Ritual
• Go to one of the alters in the Hunters Dream and select Chalice Ritual
• When you complete the Chalice Ritual you will come to your first Chalice Dungeons
• Explore the area and find your own path to reach the bosses
• A lantern will appear after you defeat the boss which will be a check point
Tip: to unlock Chalice Dungeons PvP use this path Pthumeru > Central Pthumeru > Hintertomb > Lower Hintertomb Playstation 4