Bloodborne Available Early, Retailer Breaks Street Date, Unboxing Screenshots Shows Amazing Reversible Cover

From Software’s PlayStation 4 exclusive is scheduled to arrive on retail shelves on March 24. The game recently went GOLD, but according to details shared by PlayStation Trophies forum user, some retailers have broken the street date for Bloodborne and retail copy is available for purchase. As a proof of this, PS Trophies forum user “rmchiva925” shared the following set of unboxing photos of Bloodborne, and to every ones surprise there is a reversible cover.


The reversible cover of Bloodborne features a more detailed official artwork on one side, and on the other side there is an official game logo. Inside the box, Sony has placed a advertising leaflet for Until Dawn (another upcoming PS4 exclusive scheduled to arrive later in 2015).

bloodborne-unboxing-image-1.jpg bloodborne-unboxing-image-2.jpg bloodborne-unboxing-image-3.jpg bloodborne-unboxing-image-4.jpg bloodborne-unboxing-image-5.jpg

Recently, Edge Magazine played over “40” Hours of Bloodborne and has shared their verdict on. You can check out our coverage on it: Full Summary Of Edge’s “Verdict” On Bloodborne: “Never Seen Before Brutality, From Software Has Done It All Over Again”

Bloodborne takes place in the city of “Yharnam”, it is now cursed with a strange endemic illness which is spreading through the streets like some wildfire. Player are tasked to discover its darkest secrets in order to survive. From Software has warned, there will be Danger, death and madness lurk around every corner of this dark and horrific world of Yharnam.


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