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SEOs Know Things about UX: Here’s How to Prove it

Posted by Kristina Kledzik

As a human being currently using the internet, you have opinions about online user experience. The problem is, everyone’s experience is going to be different based on their expectations. So although you, as a Moz blog reader and probably an internet connoisseur, may have some very good ideas about making your company’s or client’s site easier to use for the majority of visitors, there’s a good chance that your boss or client will disagree with you. 

If you’re like me and aren’t a user experience expert, it’s going to be hard to argue with them on gut instinct alone. Rather than debate in circles, spend the time to validate your argument:

  1. Prove there is a problem. This is a good idea even if you and your boss (or client) wholeheartedly agree that the site is ...
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One Of The Most Annoying Things About Dining Out Will Go Away Forever With This App

8eba7 Tech 5c3fffaf61ae3794dc8605177231ef12 original One Of The Most Annoying Things About Dining Out Will Go Away Forever With This AppWe all love dining out. The experience of going to a nice restaurant, having someone cook delicious meals for us, having those meals served by a professional wait staff, and being able to really enjoy food and conversation without the preparation work is one of the great pleasures in life.

But if there’s a consistently bad part of most dining experiences, it’s waiting for the check.

You finish your meal, you’re ready to go, you try to get the attention of the server who then asks “are you ready for your check?” Then the server goes and gets the check, brings the check back, takes your credit card, goes and processes the transaction and then brings the car back.

Writing that paragraph was painful, but only half as painful as living through the process in a restaurant.

Cover is a company wit...

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50+ Things You Should Learn About Your Client

Posted by RobOusbey

Six years ago I stood in a client’s board room with a list of SEO recommendations that I was convinced would earn me big smiles, firm handshakes, and and maybe even a celebratory slap on the back. Instead I was met with icy stares and nonchalance to my suggestions.

This was despite all my preparation to understand various intricate SEO best practices, as well as the quirks of their website and CMS. I just had no idea what this team believed in, or what angle I should use to persuade them to get things done.

It was July 2008, and I decided:
SEO is easy. Consulting is hard.

Every day that I’ve been at Distilled, I’ve had the pleasure of learning more about online marketing, but I’ve also been able to learn—through research, practice, observation and teaching—lots...

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3

a7e09 Social Media Microsoft Surface Event Hands On 0711 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Microsofts Surface Pro 3

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Taken at face value, Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 3 is hard to categorize. It’s a big tablet, but includes a channel specifically designed for the click-in optional keyboard, a pen for note-taking and the ability to run everything a traditional Windows 8 PC can handle

Perhaps it’s a laptop in tablet’s clothing. But whatever the Surface Pro 3 is or isn’t, it’s an intriguing new product entry with a few intriguing features you may have missed.

In conversations with Microsoft execs, Mashable got the lowdown on a handful of key aspects that help the productivity-oriented product stand out. Read more…

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