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ebbf4  ifttt logo large 640x236 IFTTT announces Android beta sign up, deletes post [Updated]

Popular web service IFTTT (If this, then that) announced an upcoming beta program for Android earlier today. Shortly after the beta program was announced, IFTTT deleted their post on Google+. Having an official Android app for IFTTT would allow IFTTT to perform actions based on received text messages, GPS location, photos, and more.

ebbf4  IFTTT Android 640x572 IFTTT announces Android beta sign up, deletes post [Updated]

Their original post included a link to a Google Sheets Form for potential beta testers to complete. We’ve reached out to IFTTT to find out why the form was deleted. It’s quite possible they received enough beta inquiries to fit their needs and deleted the post to nix the sign-up process before they were overwhelmed.

The IFTTT for Android beta form included the following questions:

  • What is the model of your Android device?
  • What version of Android is your devi...
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WhatsApp CEO “sets the record straight” in company blog post

dfa21  jan net 640x380 WhatsApp CEO “sets the record straight” in company blog post

When Facebook announced back in February that they’d be acquiring popular messaging service WhatsApp for $ 16 billion in cash and stock, there was a fair number of users worried about what this buyout would mean for their privacy. After all, Facebook have the best reputation when it comes to user privacy.

Earlier this month, 2 privacy advocate groups — The Electronic Privacy Information Center, and the Center for Digital Democracy — filed a formal complaint with the FTC, asking them to halt the sale of WhatsApp pending an investigation. The complaint argued that Facebook’s ever changing privacy policies would end up conflicting with WhatsApp’s strong pro-privacy stance...

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My Final Post as CEO: Sarah Bird Has the Conn

Posted by randfish

In case you missed the post on my blog last month, we have some big news to share: I’m officially handing over the reins as CEO, and am thrilled to welcome our President and COO Sarah Bird into the role. I sat down with Sarah for a conversation about our memories from working together these past seven years and our plans for the future at Moz.

Quick editor’s note: We’re working on a transcription, but wanted to get you all this video as soon as we possibly could. icon smile My Final Post as CEO: Sarah Bird Has the Conn

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10 Lessons from a 100k Pageview Post

Posted by SteKenwright

This kind of thing might happen to Rand all the time, but it’s not often that a digital marketing company based in Leeds gets 100,000+ people reading anything it does (at least on its own site). That’s what unexpectedly happened to us on a few weeks ago – what essentially started as a rant from some guy having a bad day blew up and now has 1,184 votes on Hacker News (and incoming links from some of the biggest sites in the world).

I think it’s likely I’ll never replicate this, and I didn’t intend this either – so I’ll not pr...

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