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Zynga Founder Mark Pincus to Step Down from Day-to-Day Role

64392 Social Media Zynga Pincus Zynga Founder Mark Pincus to Step Down from Day to Day Role

64392 Social Media feed tw df3e816c4e85a109d6e247013aed8d66 Zynga Founder Mark Pincus to Step Down from Day to Day Role64392 Social Media feed fb fdab25e3700868c9621fb03b7fd07c38 Zynga Founder Mark Pincus to Step Down from Day to Day Role

Zynga founder Mark Pincus is leaving his role as chief product officer at the mobile gaming company and relinquishing his last link to the company’s day-to-day operations.

The news came as Zynga announced mixed first-quarter earnings. The company reported a loss of $ 0.01 per share, in line with expectations, and revenue of $ 161 million that beat estimates.

Zynga shares rose 3.6% in after-hours trading.

Pincus will retain the role of chairman on Zynga’s board of directors. The absence of Pincus from the day-to-day operations leaves the company in the hands of CEO Don Mattrick. Read more…

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The Artwork and Tutorials of Mark Mayers

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href=""Mark Mayers is a UK-based illustrator and print designer who has been working in the industry since 1994. You will probably recognize his work from many of the world’s leading Photoshop publications, including Psdtuts. In fact, Mayers is our most senior tutorial author. In this article, we will showcase some of the artwork and tutorials from his portfolio. Let’s take a look!



Changing Seasons

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Very Big Week [PICS]

Mark Zuckerberg may have just wrapped up the biggest week of his life.

In the span of just seven days, the Facebook CEO has turned 28, taken his company public, become worth almost $ 20 billion and married his college sweetheart.

On the one hand, thinking about all of those life-altering events happening in such a short period of time makes us dizzy. On the other hand, it should make remembering anniversaries easier!

So if you’re Mark Zuckerberg, how do you share your eventful week with the world? You post about it on Facebook, of course!

We’ve rounded up some of the best photos of Zuckerberg’s very big week.

Mark, from all of us at Mashable, happy birthday, congrats on the IPO and mazel tov on the wedding! As one newlywed to another, I think you’ll agree it’s pretty awesome.

As for nex...

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How Mark Cuban Does Business [VIDEO]

Jesse Draper is creator and host of “The Valley Girl Show” through which she’s become a spokesperson for startups and helped pioneer the way of new media content distribution. Formerly a Nickelodeon star, Draper is now CEO of Valley Girl™ where she oversees the show and runs technology blog

Mark Cuban, the “Shark” in Shark Tank, had a giggly time with us while he told us about one of his investments coming out in Walmart later this year: Lipstixx, a lip balm company that changes flavor when you kiss someone.

But when Cuban does business, it’s all about email...

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