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The Future of Link Building

Posted by Paddy_Moogan

Building the types of links that help grow your online business and organic search traffic is getting harder. It used to be fairly straightforward, back before Google worked out how to treat links with different levels of quality and trust. However, the fact that it’s getting harder doesn’t mean that it’s dead.

What does the future hold?

I’m going to talk about links, but the truth is, the future isn’t really about the links. It is far bigger than that.

Quick sidenote: I’m aware that doing a blog post about the future of link building the week of a likely Penguin update could leave me with egg on my face! But we’ll see what happens.

Links will always be a ranking factor in some form or another...

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Bacon, Burritos, and the Future of Marketing

Posted by Hannah Smith

You heard it here first: Burritos are the new bacon.

Bacon is *so* last year. 

Not so long ago if you wanted to create content to capture the hearts and minds of the internet at large, bacon would be your topic of choice. 

However, today, dear friends, you might be better off working burritos into your content. We’ve seen runaway successes like Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny BurritosClassic Love Scenes Improved by Burritos, and when burritos are made incorrectly (yes, apparently this happens) we see an outpouring of rage like this.

Dear reader, I am of course kidding. Sadly, the future of marketing is not burritos. 

In truth, dear reader, as much as I’d love to tell you the future of marketing is as straight-forward as a particular foodstuff, I’d be doing us...

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CyanogenMod announces plans for CM11 stable; faster updates in the future

e52c5  CID 650x406 550x343 CyanogenMod announces plans for CM11 stable; faster updates in the future

As time passes, CM fans around the community are often found pondering when a stable build of CyanogenMod will finally land for their favorite Android device. With the official announcement of CyanogenMod 11 M6, CM also announced major changes coming to their community distribution channel in the future (that’s ROMs to you and me). We won’t be seeing release candidate builds for devices in the future,  nor will we even see a build tagged as stable. The M-series builds have served as a “stable” release channel for some time now and are aimed at replacing it altogether.

According to CyanogenMod, labeling a build as stable was a bit of a misnomer as it doesn’t mean completely bug free and it doesn’t mean that new features won’t arise in the future – just like firmware released from the b...

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The Panda Patent: Brand Mentions Are the Future of Link Building

Posted by SimonPenson

f5de2 SEO 5357dc3dadeea7.44498958 The Panda Patent: Brand Mentions Are the Future of Link Building

There has long been speculation about how Google actually measures “brand authority.” Many times over the past couple of years have those who speak outside of those fortified Googleplex walls made it clear that brand building is the way to win the organic visibility war.

That statement however has always sounded wooly in the extreme. How is it possible to measure an almost intangible thing at scale and via a complex formula? If you are Google, it seems there is ALWAYS a way.

A fairly innocent-looking patent filed last month, which some say could be
the Panda patent may have gone some way to answering that question.

Within this post we dive into that patent and other supporting evidence in an attempt to understand what the opportunity may be for digital...

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