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HTC Americas president spends 4 minutes talking leaks, the future, and smartphone of the year

 HTC Americas president spends 4 minutes talking leaks, the future, and smartphone of the year

Comparing HTC to the competition is like ‘comparing a Rolex to a Timex’

HTC Americas president Jason Mackenzie spent 4 minutes talking on CNBC’s Fast Money this afternoon. While he didn’t have much to say about the leaks or any legal action against for the leakers — “We never comment on rumors and speculation” — he did have a lot to say about how HTC is intent on delivering great products to help regain some of the market that has slipped away from them.

According to Mackenzie, HTC knows that their customers appreciate products that are ahead of their time and have great design language. He even went as far as comparing HTC’s products to Rolex watches, while the competition is more like a Timex. He went on to say that the HTC One franchise has a strong brand presence, will have g...

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LG officially confirms G2 name, announces all future premium handsets will carry “G” branding

Samsung’s got the Galaxy, HTC’s got the One, and now LG officially has the G. It started with the LG Optimus G (one of my personal favorite Android devices) and today, the South Korean manufacturer is confirming, not only will the name of their upcoming flagship — the LG G2 — but they’ve also announced [...]
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Apple’s iOS 7 and what it means for Android’s future

Today, if you’re the type that follows tech and mobile news on any level, surely you saw the flood of Apple and iOS 7 news. The folks from Cupertino announced the all-new and completely redesigned iOS 7 for all their iDevices, and much more. If you missed any of it head to our sister site SlashGear for the details. We’re already seeing ‘Android vs iOS’ posts, or 5 things Apple copied from Android, but to be honest we like it, and I welcome the competition.

c2ecb  Screen Shot 2013 06 10 at 12.34.10 PM 540x330 Apple’s iOS 7 and what it means for Android’s future

During the Keynote this morning Apple’s man in charge Tim Cook went as far as to state that this update will represent “the biggest change to iOS since the original iPhone,” and he’s right. Their operating system was a marvel when announced back in 2007, but has only seen minor changes and add-ons since...

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Positioning Your Business for the Future of SEO – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by RonGarrett

Keeping up with the rapidly changing pace of SEO best-practices can sometimes be as difficult as juggling flaming batons while reciting the alphabet backwards. As an agency or business owner, you need a checklist to help make sure you're staying competitive, focusing on the right tactics, and building your business in the right direction. 

In today's Whiteboard Friday, Ron Garett discusses how to position your business for whatever the future of SEO may bring. Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below!

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