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Google reportedly breaking Photos away from Google+, could soon become its own stand-alone app

bf283  Google Plus photos auto awesome IO 2013 640x352 Google reportedly breaking Photos away from Google+, could soon become its own stand alone app

Earlier this week we watched as Google did the world a solid and dropped the Google+ requirement when using Hangouts. It was an awesome move, one we didn’t think would become a trend. Today, a new report from Bloomberg claims the search giant is gearing up to make Photos — Google+’s photo backup, editing, and sharing utility — into a completely stand-alone service. No Google+ necessary.

It’s one of Google+’s single best features (okay, arguing with people online was also pretty fun) and the brain child of former Google+ lead Vic Gundotra. We won’t go as far as suggesting Google could be abandoning their social network (it still has valuable marketing data), but they certainly aren’t forcing it down anyone’s throats like they used to. And that’s a good thing.

Photos as a stand-alone app/se...

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Report suggests Nest team to become Google’s core hardware unit

d8b5a Android nest new 1 Report suggests Nest team to become Googles core hardware unit

Tony Fadell and team to stay together and work on hardware projects at Mountain View

Google and hardware seems to be a never ending news topic of late, and less than 24 hours from announcing the sale of Motorola to Lenovo talk turns back to Nest. Acquired earlier this month for $ 3.2 billion, the questions immediately turn to; why? Well, according to a report from the folks at TechCrunch, Google has just acquired its brand new core hardware team. 

Google will keep the Nest group intact inside the company. The new division will still work on hardware devices, but not necessarily thermostats or smoke detectors. In fact, Google would like Fadell to work on gadgets that make more sense for the company.

Tony Fadell's background alone makes him a prime candidate to take charge of any hardwar...

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How to become a Google Plus rock star with Circle Shares

How to become a Google Plus rock star with Circle Shares was written by David Leonhardt, THGM professional SEO consultant.

Circle sharing is taking over Google Plus like wildfire because people can quickly expand their network. Let me show you exactly what steps to take.

Two weeks Ago, I was in the circles of 600 or so people on Google Plus. This morning, I am in over 3000 people’s circles. Welcome to the magic of “Circle Sharing”. If you want to grow your Google Plus following, I will show you exactly what to do, exactly what steps to take.

92b4e SEO GooglePlus2 How to become a Google Plus rock star with Circle Shares

But first, let me explain why circle sharing is so powerful and warn you about why there might be a risk.

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Circle sharing is powerful because e...

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How to Become a Thought Leader

b2d66 Social Media thought leader How to Become a Thought Leader

b2d66 Social Media feed tw df3e816c4e85a109d6e247013aed8d66 How to Become a Thought Leaderb2d66 Social Media feed fb fdab25e3700868c9621fb03b7fd07c38 How to Become a Thought Leader

This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

What do Robert Scoble, Umair Haque and Nate Silver have in common? They’re all considered to be at the peak of respect and innovation in their respective industries — part of a pantheon of so-called “Thought Leaders.”

The term thought leader is the highest of compliments, and arguably the hardest moniker to achieve. It’s not enough to be good at what you do; a thought leader is meant to be the greatest form of praise, geared towards someone who is on the absolute cutting edge of their industry or making big enough moves to warrant the distinction. Read more…

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