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Knowledge Graph 2.0: Now Featuring Your Knowledge

Posted by Dr-Pete

Sometime in January, Google quietly rolled out a change that I believe could revolutionize organic search. Currently, the impact is limited, and it may take months or years for the full effect to be felt, but the underlying shift is fundamental to the future of the Knowledge Graph and the delicate symbiosis between Google and webmasters.

Answer box 1.0

Let’s start at the beginning. I’ve written a lot about the current generation of answer boxes (sometimes called “direct answers” or “one-box answers”). These display quick answers to what are usually concrete questions. For example, if I want to know when the Willis Tower here in Chicago is open, I can search for [Willis tower hours] and get:

07805 SEO 53305b5e1c8380.73561456 Knowledge Graph 2.0: Now Featuring Your Knowledge

Google’s ability to understand questions has e...

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Getting Reviews the Right Way for Local Businesses

Posted by katemorris

It’s the bane of every business that relies on local traffic: reviews. Reviews are not new to business. We have been dealing with them in business since we had businesses and people could talk. In the last few years, we have been able to participate in the conversations that happen between consumers. Local reviews are just an extension of word of mouth marketing. It’s a permanent record of consumer’s thoughts of your business much like social media.

The worst part is having no reviews, or having reviews (GLOWING reviews) from real customers, and Yelp doesn’t show or count them. Reviews are the links of the local world. They drive new business and are imperative to growth. However, if you ask for one or incentivize their posting, they might not count.

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Major Update to SEO Ultimate, Version 7.6.2 is Now Available

Today we’re releasing a major update for SEO Ultimate (7.6.2) and despite the minor numeric version change vs. a jump to say version 7.7,  our new lead developer Aleksandar rewrote vast swaths of the core code (as many of the older features were written way back in the in PHP 4 days and needed to fast-forward to present).

432ef SEO seo ultimate mightier than ever Major Update to SEO Ultimate, Version 7.6.2 is Now Available

SEO Ultimate is Now Mightier than Ever

We will also be rolling out additional features shortly (additional rich snippet options and media uploader tweaks for sharing your content from the page level) and even more user-interface enhancements to expedite work-flow.

There are a few feature enhancements (twitter card tags in the Opengraph Integrator module), but this update was more all about two things, 1) cleaning up any deprecated code or features to ensure compatibi...

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How Can Mobile SEO Help my Non-Mobile or Local Business?

Posted by randfish

Google recently said that mobile search volume could exceed desktop search volume by the end of 2014. Don’t panic, though; there’s quite a bit more nuance to the trend than most people realize.

In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand helps us understand that nuance, and talks about how we can level-up our mobile game in ways that will benefit our businesses regardless of whether and when Google’s forecast comes true.

For reference, here’s a still of this week’s whiteboard!

c0ef4 SEO 532b77d0144059.59943194 How Can Mobile SEO Help my Non Mobile or Local Business?

Video transcription

Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whi...

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