Beware: Yet Another Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Catches on Fire

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you should strongly consider returning it–even if it’s one of the replacements distributed after phones began catching fire and exploding, prompting a recall.

The Verge reports that a Virginia man woke up to find the phone, which he received as a replacement after returning his original Note 7 in September, had caught fire on his nightstand, filling his bedroom with smoke. It’s at least the fourth case of an incident with a replacement Note 7 in the United States alone, with one starting a fire onboard a flight prior to takeoff this past week.


All major mobile carriers in the US are offering exchanges for Note 7s. However, in light of what’s happened even with replacements, AT&T is no longer offering exchanging Note 7s, GameSpot sister site CNET reports. Instead, customers can hand over their Note 7 for another device.

The exact scope of the issues with the Note 7 remains unclear, as Samsung has not been especially forthcoming. But it is clear that you should be extremely cautious if you have one that’s powered on.


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