Best Black Friday 2017 Deals: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, PC Games And Tech

Black Friday is almost upon us, but we’re already neck-deep in early ads, deals, and offers. We’ve done our best over the last week-plus to round up and highlight deals you might care about from specific retailers and for individual platforms, but parsing it all can be intimidating. There are countless deals to be had, and not all of them are necessarily good.

Notably, many of the year’s biggest games are on sale. That includes some of fall’s big releases, including games that have only been released in the past few weeks–titles like Call of Duty: WWII, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and South Park: The Fractured But Whole. You’re certainly being rewarded if you were patient and didn’t pick these games up right away.

But what are the best deals for Black Friday 2017? In the gallery above, we’ve rounded up what we think are some of the finest offers out there this year. These include deals on individual games, consoles, and accessories. We’ve taken into account the newness of the items in question, as well as how likely you are to see comparable deals in the near future. Cyber Monday is right around the corner and is sure to bring more deals, and we’ll continue to report back as more deals pop up.

For our comprehensive coverage, you can check out our roundup of all the Black Friday 2017 deals. You can also head to our specific retailer and platform posts through the links below.

Call of Duty: WWII — $ 40 (Best Buy)

The newest game in the Call of Duty series, WWII, is only a few weeks old, and you can already get it for 33% off at Best Buy. CoD games tend to retain their value for a long time, so this is likely to be the best price you’ll find in the near future.

All The Call Of Duty Black Friday 2017 deals

Assassin’s Creed: Origins — $ 35 (Best Buy / Target)

Assassin’s Creed Origins is the first game in the series after a year off, and it takes players to a new setting in Egypt. It drops to $ 35 at Best Buy and Target less than a month after release.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Black Friday 2017 Deals

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus — $ 25 (Best Buy / GameStop)

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus has been acclaimed as one of the year’s best shooters, and just a couple weeks after its launch, it’s less than half price. The digital prices are also strong, going for just $ 30 on PS4 and Xbox One (or $ 36 if you don’t have Xbox Live Gold).

All The Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Deals

PS4 — $ 200 w/ $ 50 gift card (GameStop)

There are numerous places selling the 1 TB PS4 Slim for around $ 200. That includes GameStop, which makes that even better by throwing in a $ 50 gift card. A strong alternative is Kohl’s, which offers $ 60 in Kohl’s Cash with purchase of the system, but you have a limited time to use that money (November 26 – December 6).

You Can Get A PS4 Now For $ 200

Xbox One S — $ 190 w/ $ 25 gift card (Target)

As with the PS4, we’re seeing pretty standard deals bringing the Xbox One S down to $ 190 without any bundled games. Target sweetens that deal with a $ 25 gift card, while Kohl’s will give you in Kohl’s Cash (but, again, that must be used between November 26 and December 6). The Microsoft Store also has some nice bundles available, provided you’re interested in the specific contents.

Xbox One Black Friday 2017 Deals

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy — $ 20 (GameStop)

The newest entry in the Uncharted series, The Lost Legacy, is one of Sony’s biggest exclusives of the year. Although it’s not quite as substantial as Uncharted 4, it’s still a worthwhile experience, and Black Friday sees its price cut in half.

PS4 Black Friday 2017 Deals

DualShock 4 — $ 38 (GameStop)

Many retailers are offering a blanket $ 20 discount on PS4 controllers, but GameStop and Walmart go a bit further, offering them for $ 38 and $ 39, respectively. Walmart is notable because it sells the exclusive Blue Crystal controller, while the Red Crystal controller (pictured above) can only be found at Best Buy for $ 40.

PS4 Black Friday 2017 Deals

1 Month Of Xbox Live Gold / Xbox Game Pass — $ 1 each (Microsoft)

New subscribers to either Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass (Microsoft’s Netflix-style service, where you download games to play as part of a subscription) can get their first month for only $ 1. The latter adds new games monthly, with December’s Game Pass titles including Gears of War 4. Subscribing to Xbox Live Gold, meanwhile, will let you claim the free Games With Gold titles, which you can play for as long as you’re a subscriber. This deal is available now.

Get Xbox Live Gold, Xbox One’s Game Pass For Just $ 1 Right Now If You’re A New Subscriber

1 Year PlayStation Plus Membership — $ 40 (Amazon / Best Buy / GameStop)

Whether you’re a current subscriber or not, you can pick up a year of PlayStation Plus for just $ 40 right now–about as cheap as it goes at any point during the year. This will entitle you to online multiplayer and the monthly free PS Plus games.

PS4 Black Friday 2017 Early Deal Gets You PS Plus Membership For Cheap Right Now

Steam Link — $ 5 (GameStop / Steam)

Steam Link allows you to stream games from your computer to any HDMI-capable display on your local network (ideally over a wired connection, but wireless is supported). It’s a nice item to have, and at only $ 5, you can ensure your PC games are playable in every room of your house. GameStop will offer this on Black Friday, and Steam itself is already offering that price as part of its Steam Autumn Sale.

Steam Black Friday 2017 Sale Begins

GameStop Black Friday 2017 Ad Early Deals

Brutal Legend and MDK — Free (Humble Store / GOG)

Prior to Steam’s Black Friday sale, the Humble Store and GOG have kicked off their own Fall and Black Friday sales, respectively. These discount numerous PC games, but both are also offering free games–Brutal Legend and MDK–for a very limited time.

GOG’s Black Friday 2017 Early Deals: Hundreds Of PC Games On Sale Right Now

Humble Store’s New PC Sale Discounts 1000-Plus Games Ahead Of Black Friday

Claim the Brutal Legend freebie here

Claim the MDK freebie here

Philips SHP9500S — $ 48 (Newegg)

Many of the options for over-ear headphones can break the bank, but the Philips SHP9500S are a nice, reasonably priced option, with 50mm drivers and a steel headband.

All The Newegg PC Hardware Black Friday 2017 Deals

Newegg store page

27″ LG 4K Monitor w/ FreeSync — $ 300 (Newegg)

4K is all the rage these days, and while you’ll need a powerful GPU to take advantage of it, you’ll want the actual display to be high quality, too. LG’s 27-inch LCD monitor features FreeSync support for those with the proper AMD cards, and the current $ 350 price is dropped an additional $ 50 with the promo code BF17FLYER36.

All The Newegg PC Hardware Black Friday 2017 Deals

Newegg store page

PowerSpec G314 Pre-Built PC — $ 1000 (Micro Center)

If you want to start gaming on PC but don’t want to deal with the fuss of putting one together yourself, Micro Center has a nice pre-built system for only $ 1,000. The only caveat is that this is limited to in-store pickup (at least at the time of this writing), but it’s a strong offer for a system with a Core i5-7600K, GTX 1070, 16 GB of RAM, and a 480 GB SSD.

All The PC Hardware Black Friday Deals At Micro Center

Micro Center store page

AMD Ryzen 1800X — $ 320 (Newegg)

The AMD Ryzen 1800X is a powerful, highly rated CPU with an MSRP of $ 500. Getting it for $ 320 is a steal for its level of performance–and you’ll also get a free Champions Pack for Quake Champions with purchase.

All The Newegg PC Hardware Black Friday 2017 Deals

Newegg store page

Doom — $ 15 (Best Buy)

One of the best shooters in recent years, Doom, drops to a mere $ 15 on PS4 and Xbox One. With a stellar soundtrack and some seriously intense action, that might be one of the best ways to spend your cash this Black Friday.

PS4 Black Friday 2017 Deals

Xbox One Black Friday 2017 Deals

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Explorer’s Edition — $ 49 (Walmart)

Nintendo first-party games often keep their high prices for a long time, so it’s not terribly surprising to see so few detals on the company’s games. One notable exception is the new Explorer’s Edition of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which includes some additional bonuses (but not the DLC season pass).

All The Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2017 Deals

Persona 5 — $ 29 (Walmart)

Perhaps the best RPG of the year, Persona 5, can be yours at just under half price on Black Friday. That’s a great deal for a game that can easily last you more than $ 100 and which has some of the best-looking menus in any video game ever.

PS4 Black Friday 2017 Deals

Disgaea 5: Complete Edition — $ 20 (Best Buy)

Although not a wholly original game, Disgaea 5 is a worthwhile part of the Switch’s library, offering a style of strategy RPG that’s hard to come by right now.

All The Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2017 Deals

South Park: The Fractured But Whole — $ 29 (Walmart)

The repeatedly delayed South Park game brings a healthy dose of crude humor, and despite launching just last month, you can find it a hair under half price at Walmart on Black Friday for PS4 and Xbox One.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Black Friday 2017 Deals

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia — $ 20 (Best Buy)

As part of the resurgence of the Fire Emblem series, Nintendo decided to make one of the franchise’s earliest games, Fire Emblem Gaiden, as Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It introduces some mechanics unlike what you might be accustomed to in Fates or Awakening, such as areas that you can freely roam in 3D. Best Buy will cut its price in half to $ 20.


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