Battlefield Hardline Tips Released By EA


Zach Mumbach the MP Producer for Battlefield Hardline has today released a range of tips on getting ahead of the crowd from Day 1!

Some of the tips will be obvious to first person shooter veterans, from both previous Battlefield games and similar shooting titles. However, Battlefield Hardline adds in a number of new features to the franchise and Mumbach addresses a number of these including ziplines and game mode specific tips.

Below are the list of tips that Mumbach has offered to gamers “to help you get out ahead of the pack on Day 1 of Battlefield Hardline.” I think everyone can agree that the last point is, at the end of the day, the most important tip to remember when playing!

  • Play the Objective. Whatever mode you choose to play, the best way to score points and get ahead is to focus on playing the objectives.
  • Don’t forget to spot. Even if you get killed without doing any damage to anyone spotting will help your team and earn you points.
  • If you are new to the Battlefield franchise try playing Hotwire first. You can spawn directly on team controlled objective cars and start instantly scoring points.
  • When playing Hotwire a Mechanic with the Grenade Launcher is a great starting class. Once you have enough money buy the Repair Tool so you can keep your teams objective cars up and running.
  • Don’t forget to pay attention to how much money you are earning and have a plan for spending all that loot! I like to buy all the gadgets first.
  • The zipline and grappling hook can completely change the strategy of a game, don’t forget to use them to get up, around and over the enemy.
  • You don’t always have to spawn at the base. You can spawn on squadmates, captured objectives (Conquest and Hotwire) and certain vehicles to get to the action quicker.
  • You can upgrade vehicles, go to the Vehicle tab in the Customize screen.
  • If you want to be a pilot but you don’t know how to control a helicopter try jumping in an empty server and practicing until you get the hang of it.
  • Change your loadout based on the situation. Sometimes a certain loadout is great at the beginning of a match but as the match unfolds you may need to switch it up. Don’t get stuck on one loadout/class.
  • Don’t forget about Battlepacks. You earn them as you rank up and people often overlook them.
  • Battlepickups are special heavy weapons or gadgets hidden around the map, make note of where these are hidden as they can help turn the tide of a match.
  • After taking down an enemy with a non-lethal takedown you can stand over them and interrogate them. This will expose their teammates location on your minimap.
  • Have fun, it’s a video game.

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